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I feel it is necessary to empower our young people with positive self-esteem, a balanced perspective of their cultural identity, and provide a safe space for learning.  By whatever means necessary to give them the tools for success, be it traditional or non-traditional arena of teaching.  Paint a picture; that way the message will stick to them and they can apply the information.  Show them how math science, geography relates outside the classroom.  Have fun!!!!


UJIMA YouthBuild visionary Program Director and Construction Manager Sherrian Ellison has not only extensive construction background and training but also has irreplaceable life experiences that added credibility and richness to the YouthBuilds program.

Courses Description

YouthBuild is a combination of academics leadership development, supportive services, graduate resources, community service, with vocational education, and basic hands on construction training.  Students will experience both basic rehabilitation construction and new construction skills while fulfilling their academic requirements for their High School diploma through independent study.

How to register:
All persons interested in attending the 2000-2001 class of YouthBuild must fill out an application and must be recommended by a counselor, teacher, or community leader.

There is no cost.  Participants are however given a $150.00 living allowance (stipend) Bi-weekly.

There next enrollment starts November 6, 2000

1446 N Mount Vernon Ave., San Bernardino, CA.

Academic Schedule

Since the population that is attending YouthBuilds unique program will enter at various academic levels;
an academic plan is worked out with an academic counselor and credential teacher in order to meet the minimum requirement to graduate in the State of California.  The California Charter Academy, an accredited academic institution governs the academic program for YouthBuild participants.

Construction Schedule

Basic construction skills are taught both in class as Vocational Education and hands-on; on the construction sites. Skills ranging from carpentry, electrical, plumbing, drywall installation, stucco, landscape, blueprint reading, general maintenance,estimating and project management.

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